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IU Parking Operations
Campus of Indiana University Bloomington.

IU Employee parking permits are now available for purchase online at the IU Parking Portal.

What you need to know:

  • Your IU network user name and password will authenticate you to purchase a permit, or to pay or
    appeal a citation.
  • All outstanding parking citations must be paid in order to purchase a new permit.
  • Payment options will be either Payroll Deduction or Credit Card.
  • Your vehicle license plate will be a required piece of information in order to purchase a permit. You may add additional vehicles or remove vehicles from your account at any time. Updating your vehicle information for short-term use such as renting or borrowing a vehicle is not necessary.
  • All permits ordered online will be mailed. To ensure prompt delivery, only non-campus mailing addresses should be used for your shipping address.
  • All permit options* available to you, along with pricing, will be displayed once you log in.
  • Once your purchase is completed a confirmation email will provide a printable temporary permit that will be valid for 10 days, by which time you should have received your new permit.
  • Your current employee permit is valid through June 30, 2017. If you cannot print your temporary permit, you may continue to use your current permit prior to that date.

*Some permits may not be available for purchase online. If a permit that you need does not appear online
as available for purchase, please contact the Parking Operations office for assistance. See the Contact Us link at

Additionally on the website, you will find a chart detailing how your permit may be used on the other IU campuses. Please check out the Intercampus Parking tab at the top for this information. 

Please remember, employee parking privileges are not transferable. The permit issued to you is for your use only.  You may use the permit on any vehicle you drive to work.   

Permit Pricing for 2017-18

The parking permit fees for 2017-18 are as follows:

EM-P (formerly A) permit - increasing by $3.39/month to $568.68 or $47.39 monthly

EM-S (formerly C) permit - increasing by $1.17/month to $197.04 or $16.42 monthly

EM-V (formerly the Economy Employee) permit - $24.00 or $2.00 monthly

Reserved (RSV) permits - $2,124.00 or $177.00 monthly
Motor vehicle permits are valid through June 30, 2018.

The bicycle permit price is $10.00.  This permit has no expiration date.  If you registered your bicycle in the 2009-10
academic year or after it will remain valid for as long as you own your bike.

Other Employee Permit Options   
RSV - Reserved Parking Spaces for Individuals

  • Available to purchase by any full time appointed faculty or staff member.
  • Pricing for 2017-18 is $2,124.00 or $177.00/month.
  • Employees purchasing a Reserved Space may choose their preferred parking lot, but the exact placement of the space within the lot will be determined by Parking Operations.
  • The RSV permit will allow for parking in other EM spaces as well as in the parking garages.
  • RSV permits are not available for online purchase and may only be purchased in the Parking Operations office in the Henderson Garage.

Employee Value Permit

  • Available to purchase by any full time appointed faculty or staff member.
  • Pricing for 2017-18 is $24.00 or $2.00/month.
  • Only valid in the Athletics Department Parking lots north of 17th Street.
  • Campus Bus offers free service to campus on the Express or A routes.
  • May not be combined with any other supplemental permit such as the Service permit.
  • Does not provide for parking after 5:00 p.m. anywhere except in the athletic facilities' lots north of 17th street, unless otherwise posted.
  • Purchase of the EM-V eliminates the ability to purchase an EM-P or EM-S permit.


Two Person Carpools:

  • Carpool permits are available only to full-time, appointed faculty and staff.
  • Carpool members share one discounted EM-P permit at the cost of $197.04.
  • Carpool members receive 10 free one-day permits.
  • Carpool members have access to our Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.  For more information please see our website

Three or more person Carpools:

  • Three-person carpools include all of the features of a two-person carpool, plus a reserved carpool space

All carpools must be approved by Parking Operations. Members of either type of carpool will not be eligible to purchase an individual EM-P or EM-S permit. For a Carpool application (required only for pools of 3 or more) or for more information, contact Parking Operations at or 812-855-9848. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Coming this summer to the IU Bloomington campus is an Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) station available for employee use!  As a state institution, IU is not allowed to generate revenue from the sale of electricity or provide electricity at no cost. Therefore, employees who have an electric hybrid or total electric vehicle may opt to purchase a supplemental EVC permit so they can charge their vehicle on campus. The price will be $30.00 in addition to their employee permit and will allow access to using the Electric Vehicle Charging station to be placed at the Cyberinfrastructure Building later
this year. Additional locations are anticipated to be installed on campus in the coming years.  After the charging station installation is complete, the Parking Operations website will include information on how to purchase an EVC permit and how to use the EVC station.

Pre-Tax Commuting Expense Plan
The pre-tax commuting expense plan allows employee parking permit fees to be exempt from federal, state, and local income taxes as well as FICA tax withholding when purchased through salary reduction.  Employees who select the salary reduction method will automatically be enrolled in the program.  Employees purchasing their permit with cash will not be able to participate.  Some permit types such as Student or Evening permits, though available for employee purchase beginning in August, may not be eligible for payment through salary reduction.

Service/Maintenance Employees
As part of its total compensation package, AFSCME Local 832 has negotiated the purchase of EM-S permit parking for each individual represented by the union.  A full-time appointed service maintenance employee is entitled to receive either an EM-S permit without charge or a credit of the EM-S permit
price towards the purchase of an EM-P permit.  You may claim your prepaid permit either online or in the Parking Operations office, or you may ask your HR Manager for a copy of a permit application to be mailed to Parking Operations. The agreement provides one EM-S permit per employee.  Your parking privilege is for your use only and cannot be transferred to another individual.

Motorist Assistance Program
The Motorist Assistance Program is a service of Parking Enforcement in conjunction with Fleet Services.  If you are legally parked on campus and lock yourself out of your car, need a jump start, have a flat tire, or need gas, you may call Parking Enforcement at 812-855-9849 or contact a Parking
Enforcement Officer for assistance.

Cost Saving and Sustainability Tips
If you are looking for a way to avoid the high cost of operating a car, are concerned about the environment, or just interested in a healthy alternative to driving, you may want to consider the following options:

*    Purchase the Employee Value Permit for $24.00
which will allow parking only in the Athletic Department parking lots north of 17th Street with free Campus Bus access to campus.

*   Consider joining a Carpool program. 

*    Ride a bike -- Bicycle Permits are available for $10.00 and
are valid for as long as you own the bike. Bicycles are required to be registered and they may use any bike rack on campus. Abandoned bikes or bikes that are attached to trees, hand rails, chain barriers, light posts, sign posts or other structures not designated for bicycle parking will be confiscated.

*    Walk -- Walking is the healthiest and most environmentally
friendly way to get around campus. You may not be able to walk to campus from home, but once you get to campus, you can leave your car in its parking space. You should be able to walk at a comfortable 15 minutes per mile pace.

*   Any faculty or staff member may ride any Campus Bus or Bloomington Transit (BT) bus for free.  No bus pass or ID is required to ride a Campus Bus.  You can use your Employee bus pass until it expires to ride Bloomington Transit or you can use the new CrimsonCard ID card.  Bus schedules and route information are available at

*   Zipcar may be the solution if you need a car occasionally. By registering at, you can have a car available for local hourly rentals.

*    Evaluate your permit needs and adjust where you can:

  • If you are only on campus after 5:00 p.m. you may want to consider purchasing the Evening permit for $82.92. Evening permits will be available beginning August 1st. The Evening permit will allow you to park in any campus parking garage or any non-24hr EM-P or EM-S space after 5:00 p.m. 
  • Consider starting with a less expensive permit and if needed upgrade your permit at any time during the year.
  • Consider delaying the purchase of your permit until you need to use it, or return your permit for a prorated refund at any time. If you can walk, ride a bike or take the bus when the weather is nice, you may only need a vehicle permit during the winter months.
  • Join the Hoosier Commuter Club and use only one-day permits as needed.

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